Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use PlaqView?

Everyone! PlaqView is open-source and aimed to make cardiovascular single-cell data accessible to lay scientists.

I have a study, can I share my data on PlaqView?

Yes! We encourage submissions of published and unpublished data. We can also coordinate with you to release time-sensitive data at manuscript submission. Just pop us an email.

Are the data stored safely?

Absolutely! In fact, no genetic data is stored on PlaqView. We tailor-process each dataset into a count matrix, which is then stored behind firewalls at the University of Virginia servers. Additionally, most of the datasets' raw files are already deposited behind secured SRA storage at the NIH.

How can I submit my data?

We will accept data in almost any format, but an R Seurat object is preferred. Get in touch with us and we can tailor to your specific dataset!

How do I cite PlaqView?

Please cite our original article if you find PlaqView or our pipeline useful. Please also cite the original article(s) corresponding to any data you used or reproduced using PlaqView.

Does PlaqView provide any warranty?

PlaqView is an open-source app licensed with Apache License 2.0. We provide absolutely no warranty. Please see the full license if you have any questions.