About PlaqView

PlaqView is a standalone, interactive, and reproducible Shiny/R-based tool to explore cardiovascular single-cell genomic datasets.

Our goal is to make these valuable datasets and data analysis tools broadly accessible to non-bioinformaticians. This is an open-source tool that is freely available and can be modified for any other single-cell dataset.

Funding Support

R00HL125912 (NIH), R01HL148239 (NIH), Leducq Foundation Transatlantic Network of Excellence (‘PlaqOmics’)

Netherlands CardioVascular Research Initiative of the Netherlands Heart Foundation (CVON 2011/B019 and CVON 2017-20: Generating the best evidence-based pharmaceutical targets for atherosclerosis [GENIUS I&II]), ERA-CVD program ‘druggable-MI-targets’ (grant number: 01KL1802), and the EU H2020 TO_AITION (grant number: 848146).


The use of PlaqView is for research only. Please cite PlaqView and corresponding dataset reproduced. This application is not intended for use in clinical decision making or diagnostics.

Graphic Licenses

We thank the following artists for the graphic icons used in the PlaqView portal:

  • juicy_fish

  • Ilham Fitrotul Hayat

  • Vector Tank

  • Many figures are organized in BioRender